Tank On Empty, Love Hurts

13 Jul

Sputter-sputter-bbrrooff!  I coast the four-wheeler to a stop on the side of the road and take the cap off the gas tank.  I would not have to look in but I do.  Imagine that, its empty.  Half mile from home…could be worse.  (When we run out of gas, we always turn the motor over one more time just in case it decides to run on magic.)  I did too.   Rryunngg-yung-yung.   I pulled the key and start walking.  When I returned with fuel I knew it would start again and it did.

Sometimes life experiences find us coasting to the side of the road knowing the emotional tank is on empty.  The four-wheeler rides with the grandkids are over for a while.  We have said our goodbyes.  Cried our cries.  Checked the tank and the bank.  Gave it one more test along with the rest.  Pulled the key and set out to find more fuel.  Maybe saying goodbyes well means finding the bottom of the tank.  Nothing left unsaid or unbled.  In the quiet of the motor not running there is still peace.  God is ever present.  The motor is not broke.  It will start again once it is refueled.  When you are walking toward home with God for more gas it’s never far to go.  He is always there to help us fill the tank by sharing hope with our hearts.  Brrrooomm!  Brrrooomm!  Ready to go.

Andy and Jenna, Phillip and Aimee, James and Vanessa, Adin, Avia, Aira, Crew, Ridge, Saylor, and Eden; in our hearts, there is only One Greater Love than our love for you.  You will always know that.  But when the tank is on empty, love hurts.

2 Responses to “Tank On Empty, Love Hurts”

  1. Jim and Jan Schwartz July 13, 2011 at 4:13 am #

    We are lifting you all in prayer! We love you – Jim and Jan

  2. Carol Klopfenstein July 15, 2011 at 1:23 pm #

    We have been in prayer for you and you have been in our thoughts and words very often since you left- pray your flight went well and you got to Ethiopia safely- Dennis and Carol

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