Me, a Spy?

7 Jul

There has been a rumor circulating that we are really spies and not missionaries.  Now really?  Me…James Bond…they don’t fit in the same story let alone the same sentence.  However, Susan is still my only Bond Girl.  The only “quantum of solace” we have in mind is care for orphans and those victims of imprisoning poverty.  I believe I know  the source of that questionable rumor.  We were actually asked to be a spies.  “Shaken, not stirred” was quite exciting.  Not as in vodka martini…as in spiritual awareness.  Here’s the skinny, in the vain of Pilgrim’s Progress rather than Casino Royale.  I hope you won’t be disappointed that we won’t have an Aston Martin to drive in Addis.

At our last pre-deputation counseling session, we were asked to pretend that we were spies.  We had been sent out to spy on…us.  We were supposed to turn in a report on what would be the best line of attack to plot our overthrow.  We were supposed to report where we would be weakest and most vulnerable.  Where our spiritual walk was at risk.  There are two ways to handle such an assignment by a counselor.  Generalization, behind a mask or specifics, with uncomfortable truth.  She was too smart for the generalization tactic so we opted for the uncomfortable truth scenario.  All of us spies hate giving out our secrets.

Once our reports were turned in the counselor went through and asked for our action plan.  She explained, “If you are smart enough to see this about yourself, do you not believe that Satan knows the same thing as well?  So what are you going to do.  Sit back and let it happen?”  She finished by sharing hope with our hearts in that God also knows where we are weak and has promised the Holy Spirit’s assistance with both strength and the way of escape.  Also, that list of weak spots; it is actually a prayer list for those we have asked to be personal prayer support and accountability.  So actually we were stirred not shaken.

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