Let it Be II

3 Jul

Part two:

God is defending the fatherless.  He is omniscient.  God clearly sees His kingdom and His will transcending present short falls of the earthly father role models.  He provides those role models in ways only He could accomplish, bringing influencers into lives.  He comprehends the victory of faith and faithfulness across generations and time.  Present fatherless children represent future Kingdom workers.  Love shared with them is multiplied with time to become greater Love given by them.  Love shared with those who feel unloved, unwanted, unneeded; in defending the fatherless, for many of those fatherless, becomes their picture and illustration to see God’s love.  That is their role model for faith and faithfulness.  The love others share.  So God’s will being done can call each of us to join the Kingdom work of defending the fatherless.

When God’s kingdom comes and God’s will is done in the life of an orphan, it is an expression of His all-inclusive Love.  We who are flesh could also be tempted to think, “If our Father in heaven knows how to give good gifts unto these, the least, how much more will He give unto…me.”  If the last word is me, Satan wins.  We are just a gitter, not a giver.  But we can turn it backward and strip away all the pride and say to ourselves, “If I could come to understand giving helping and loving one who cannot help themselves or help me in return, how much more could I come to understand giving to, helping and loving God.  In blessing we become blessed.  We become the defenders of the fatherless in partnership with God, not to receive a blessing but to glorify the Father of the fatherless in His Kingdom-Come work.

When we become involved in an orphan’s life we can experience the Lord’s vision for his intended Kingdom of the poor, brokenhearted, captives, blind and bruised.  So many of them have physically endured so much.  Spiritually they will endure much as well unless we step up and become a picture for them to see a model of a loving God.  They can experience sharing hope with hearts and a future as part of God’s kingdom come? 

Let it be.  Let it be.  And in its allowing, show me the part you expect from me.

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