…is Someone up There

30 Jun

On the occasion of a family supper, I had asked one of my adult sons to offer prayer before the meal.  While they began discussing whose turn it was, my four year old grandson, Adin, enthusiastically said, “I will.”  We bowed our heads.  He recited a list of thank-you-fors, and then he began his list of “helps”.  He stopped at, “Help Jesus be in my heart so I can listen to Mommy and Daddy.”  I glanced up to see if he was done and he was looking up at the ceiling, his eyes were open and finally he said in a tone of wonderment and reverence, “I think there really is someone up there.”  “Amen.”  I will not forget the tone of his words.

My grandson’s heart had already been conditioned to know some very profound truths.  God is above us.  He is to be worshipped and given reverence.  His parents had taught him, “Our Father which art in heaven, hallowed be thy name.”  But there are millions of parentless children who are completely devoid of this fundamental knowledge.  The fatherless.

God defends orphans.  His heart for the orphans and the fatherless is illustrated repeatedly in the pages of the Holy Bible.  Whether in the Psalms of David, the miracles performed by the prophets of old, or the letters of the Apostles and the miracles of Jesus in the gospels, God has never departed from a consistent message of yearning for the orphan’s plight.  He has never turned His head in another direction when exposure to their pain was too uncomfortable for His focus.  Can we say the same?  God defends the defenseless and He does that through all means at His disposal.  Even by making us uncomfortable in revealing their predicament. Surely we could see and be moved with compassion into aiding a child in desperate earthly need.   Can our hearts remain soft enough to continue to be touched?  Or do we succumb to becoming calloused in some sort of preservation of ignorance that gives credence to either apathy and selfishness on one extreme or shame and hopelessness on the other?

Could we not see that just as there are children without an earthly father with agonizing biologic hurts and needs, that there are children without a heavenly Father with agonizing spiritual hurts and needs?  Was it foolishness with God to have such a hope for man?…that we could be moved by this parallel.  No.

It is man’s foolishness to refuse to recognize his own Fatherless suffering despite the exposure to the suffering of the fatherless.  Not that God wills orphans to suffer to impress the conscience of mankind of a spiritual parallel, but rather, even in Satan’s evil destructive plan, God would have the capacity to resurrect good.

In the process of that good, God still touches our hearts to reach out to a fatherless child, thus meeting a need and sharing love in some small way.  Our reaching out, in turn, would help us to see God’s reaching out to, and sharing with, an orphaned Adam’s race in a love that is paralleled but yet unparalleled…His adoption of man, His meeting of an eternal need in man.  The parentless orphans and fatherless of this world with their biological needs are a picture of the eternal perspective of God’s plan for mankind.  God would have no spiritually orphaned soul perish or suffer eternal anguish as a Fatherless unbeliever, just as He would have no physically orphaned soul to perish or to suffer anguish as a fatherless child.   He continues unrelentingly to provoke people’s hearts to a compassion that powers meeting needs for the oppressed, the enslaved, the defenseless, and the fatherless children.  Somewhere in a land far away or maybe in the house next door there is a child, a unique special creation with the potential of giving eternal glory to his Father despite having no father.  What would happen if each of us could do a part in sharing hope with a fatherless child’s heart to lift up his eyes and say with hope and confidence and reverence, “I think there really is someone up there.   Amen.”

One Response to “…is Someone up There”

  1. Carol Klopfenstein June 30, 2011 at 4:20 am #

    great thoughts- thanks for sharing- Carol

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