It’s So Reasonable

27 Jun

It’s so reasonable to think that there will be no clocks in heaven.  We can expect to enter a new dimension of being that parallels God’s dimension of existence.   Timelessness.  David, in Ps. 90, contrasts the ageless-ness of God with the limited time allotment of man.  God.  Beyond the age of His created mountains.  Beyond the age of the beginning of ages of time.  Man.  Sunrise to sunrise, days flitter by like the seasons of a blade of grass.  One by one our trips around the sun accumulate a destiny of ever greying hairs.  Whether we view time as enemy or friend it too was created and it too has an end.  And we its temporary subjects alternate between wishing it away and wishing it back.  We are so busy keeping time…such an oxymoron…we give away what we cannot keep.  Not even with clocks.  We simply measure our days.  We turn to God of time eternal.  We seek mercy.  We seek wisdom. We seek gladness and goodness.  We seek direction into His work to give our lives meaning.  Why we are here has no substance without Him.  Even our most nobel and moralistic feats are erased by ticking clocks.  We trust that the accomplishments of our hands will bring Him glory.  He is eternal.  His glory is eternal.  Our glory …withers…like the grass.  It’s so reasonable to understand that now we are not equal to God.  He has never needed a watch.  But He has asked us to watch.  And pray.  And prepare for no clocks in heaven.  With brains that are so accustomed to functioning within the constraints of one-thousand-one, one-thousand-two, one-thousand-three, we need to take time out.  Be still and know that the God of Eternity wants to share hope with our hearts.  Tick, tick, tick,…

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