Take Me Back

25 Jun

There she was.  Finally, in my arms.  I had missed her debut, but she was definitely worth an encore.  There were no flashing lights, whirling tunnels, foggy mists, or eerie science fiction techno-noises.  No, this is not a “Stargate” rerun.  But the time machine control had been locked into 1979.

From somewhere near my wife’s southern flank a voice exclaimed, “It’s a healthy boy!”  I really wanted to be manly but this gigantic hairball  crawled up out of my throat and kerplunked down on my tear glands.  By the time the nurse handed me this red-faced, black-haired, still moist bundle there was a river running down my cheeks.  What couldn’t get out through my eye holes came out my nose holes.   So much for manly.  What’s a father to do?  And 32 years went by…

Saylor was her name.  But for a split second she was her daddy.  And then the spell was broken.  So I could be manly again.  What’s a grandfather to do?  Then came that hairball.  This time I managed a cough before the thing made it all the way to my eyes.  I thought fleetingly of her potential and her life that is to come.  Her beautiful little mouth.  Her dark, what’s-she-really-seeing eyes.  Her tiny perfect hands and feet.  The time machine will lock into 2011 in some not-so-far, distant time.  Some little future bundle, for a split second will become Saylor, in her/his grandpa’s eyes.  Another generation of grandparents.  That grandpa will be taken back.  He will see the beauty and perfection of his grandchild.  Even if he is immune to hairballs, he also will become aware of quickly passing time.  Someday he may want back all the wait-till-the-kids-are-older moments he may be tempted to wish away.  I am not yet ready for a bucket list.  But I do know of at least one thing you should never take for granted…quality time with your young children.  Share hope with their hearts in every opportunity.  In the future’s take-me-back moments, you’ll be glad you did.

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