24 Jun

You’re thinking, “You wrote about traffic yesterday.”  I did, but adding a “k”changes everything and results in a very different post.  Now we are not talking cars and trucks and diesel smoke.  We are talking human beings.  This post is not humorous, so those of you just looking for laughs may want to stop reading now.  But, I dare you to finish.

What happens to a person’s heart that allows them to treat another person worse than an animal?  To what god do they sell their own soul that allows them to operate without remorse in a realm of cruelty that is unthinkable?  Power?…Greed?…Lust?  Do they ever hear the anguished cries of their victims?  In the most vial context, human trafficking is organized sexual slavery. To those on top, it’s just business.  We imagine a man in a slick suit, with slick hair, driving a slick foreign sports car, forking out slick money, to live in slick exotic locations, with slick…..drop the “L”…sick…  But this faulty image diverts our attention from the chief of sick slick…the one who orchestrates the kind of poverty that draws the masses into the side-shows of this perversion.   Poverty of wallet and poverty of spirit.

Poverty of wallet is really not a sideshow.  For millions around the world it is the main event.  It is what they awaken to each morning.  Hating themselves for what they know they have to do that day because the other alternative is starvation.  They might even accept it for themselves.  But it is too hard to watch your two-year old starve.   Satan wrings his hands in glee in poverty-induced prostitution world wide.

Poverty of spirit is the first cousin nobody mentions at reunions.  It is each of us judging ourselves of equal authority to God in deciding our role of acceptance of human trafficking into our lives.  “I am not involved in this disgusting practice,” you may gasp in horror.  O contraire.  It is very possible you are giving your tacit approval if you have made a choice to allow internet porn into your life.  That choice (multiplied by millions of similar choices around the globe) creates the market for the “slicks” that are so easy for us to judge.  Have no delusion, trafficking and porn are intimately related.  It makes us righteously angry when we think of those who steal hope from hearts in the sexual slavery trade.  “Just don’t mention the first cousin,”  you say, “and don’t ask me to read Romans 1:32 through Romans 2:1 (two verses) after God checks my internet history.”

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