Sacrifice or Privilege?

21 Jun

Which word do we like best?  Sacrifice or privilege?  It has an effect on our feelings when the words we receive from you produce comfort and support.   We are choosing to travel a road outside of the comfort zone of some of those we love and respect.  There are many trying to understand what value system we are operating in.  Some, sometimes speak statements such as: “I’m just glad its you and not me.”  “It seems like there is plenty to do here in our own back yard.”  “We’ll see what you have to say when you come back in a year.”  “So you are going on an adventure.”   “You have never been there before.”  The person hearing those statements…us…the sojourners into our perceived direction of God’s revealed will…should naturally assume that they are said in support.  Because they are.   But they are said by people struggling to comprehend.  Some hearts are saying,  “I want to respect your decision but my head oscillates between questioning your sanity and my own insecurity.

Some may even think,  “Your decision makes me feel like anything less in my own life draws my own motives into suspicion.  And so I do my best to be optimistic for you.  Supportive.  Sometimes I bring up the what-abouts.  The things I am sure you have not fully thought through.  ‘What about language?’  ‘What about grandchildren?’  ‘What about violence there?’  ‘What about your age?’ (I think you are too old.)  Surely if you had the same understanding I have, you would make choices like I make and God would direct you like He directs me.”

Sometimes we, as your seemingly backward friends, speak of the difficulties ahead.  Mostly we try to assure you that we still have complete love and respect for you.  Our future reality imposes no expectations on your reality.  Not from us and hopefully not from you upon yourselves.  Mostly we try to comfort you with our excitement and passion and our assurance that our favorite word is privilege.  Not sacrifice.  We try to remind ourselves that we are so amazed that God can still use people like us.  To us, the word sacrifice speaks more to the relationships that will change.  We will miss your regular fellowship.   Rather,  the supposed loss of…things…left behind…we consider a privilege to let go of.  Freeing.  By now you are probably wondering even more,  “Who are they?” and,  “Who are we?”  One thing remains certain.  We share HIM.

We know that  HE is doing HIS best to share hope with our hearts through you all.  And so, we thank you.  Sometimes for all of us, things seems backward.  Privilege or sacrifice.

2 Responses to “Sacrifice or Privilege?”

  1. Andy June 21, 2011 at 12:53 am #

    Ah! Well said, Dad! We all have a life of privilege, don’t we? Pespective is key to interpretation!

  2. Cyndee Fiechter June 21, 2011 at 4:54 am #

    I admit to thinking those exact words you wrote. It has been so interesting to watch you start this journey and in many ways, feeling as though I’m traveling this new road with you. We love you and support you continually in prayer.

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