Exit Mine…Enter yours

15 Jun

Have you ever added up the number of times in your life you thought or said in frustration, “They just don’t understand!”  They translates to parents, teachers, siblings, spouses, friend wannabes or thought-you-weres and others who at one time you considered normal, logical, right, and good.  Their meteoric fall from your grace landed them plop in the middle of crazy, wacked, wrong, and bad by your estimation.  Your world seems so safe and secure and sensible and you know it can’t be you that is on the edge or over the top.  Can they be cave-cricket blind or just amoeba hearted?  If they could just see things from your perspective, right?  You get out your emotional thesaurus and dig up descriptors like uncaring, arrogant, proud, unfeeling, stupid, antique, old-fashioned, and narrow-minded.  And when you really feel like using grandly intelligent verbage there is always, DUMB.  But you have to think it with all capital letters to really show ’em.

Ok, you’ve only been there once.  Me?  More than once.  So that makes me a bigger beneficiary of the exit my world…enter your world challenge.  Suspend judgement, expectations, and assumptions placed on the “I-thought-you-were” people in our lives.  I will come to your world.  When I do I have a chance to grow, to become a 150% person, to be a servant rather than to be served.  If I go into another culture I leave my world and enter another as a learner.  When I am up to my bald spot in conflict resolution I also have a chance to enter another world.  When I do that, I find that the people I rediscover there are as lovable as I always knew they were and that shares hope with my heart.  Then, even a sorry never heard is as languid as a love letter from God.

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