Flirting…kind of

23 May

Three years is a long time.  But I still remember how it is done.  Lots of eye-to-eye contact.  Sometimes it is even eye-to-eyelid contact, depending on your mood.  A smile.  Maybe even a giggle when I attempt to say something funny.  I say, “You look so beautiful today.”  You say…nothing, but I hope you are thinking, “This guy is too old to be cute, but he is kind of entertaining.”  Actually, when we are together I spend a lot of time wondering what you are thinking.  You yawn.  Oh well, you are probably playing, hard-to-get.  Your Dad is hanging around.  No, he is not mad at me.  He just smiles a lot.   It’s hard to talk normal let alone start a conversation with you when he is listening.  He’ll probably think its just baby talk.  I would really like to be a part of your life but how can I impress you?  Can I hold you in my arms or whisper, “YOU are adorable, and I think I love you.  But that would be wrong…not because of our difference in ages…wrong, because I don’t just think it…I know it.  I do love you because…

Let me count the ways.

Not that you are the jealous type, but I need to be up front with you.  By the time we see each other again, there will be another girl in my life giving you some competition.  Maybe you two can be friends.  I think you will actually like her and you will probably have a lot in common.  Well, at least one thing….some same relatives.  Last of all, it is only fair to tell you that there are already two others as well.  I have been flirting with them also, kind of.  No, I am not four-timing you all, and it really is only kind-of flirting.  After all, it is just part of sharing hope in my heart because I am blessed with four very special granddaughters.

One Response to “Flirting…kind of”

  1. Jenna Stoller May 23, 2011 at 4:58 am #

    This was too sweet. Can’t wait for that “competition” to get here already. 🙂

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