20 May

We’re packin’ again.  Armed and dangerous.  The real Ninja concealed weapon of choice for self-defense would be a sword.  But, if we carried it inside a pants leg, we would walk like Chester in Gunsmoke.  If we carried it up a sleeve, we couldn’t blow our noses with both hands.  All things considered, the best option is to carry it in our hearts.  Pass on Ninja.  Pass on self-defense.  The sword of the Spirit is helping us with packin.  Not concealed weapons or suitcases…our hearts.  Ninja swords are tough in airport security anyway.  Body scanners and baggage searches are on the agenda again on Monday.  Packin’ – suitcases, has to happen soon, though.  Since we are only going just around the corner to Colorado, it seems more like an overnight, even though it will be for three weeks.  This time in Colorado will be a part of the bigger picture of packin’…our hearts with the Holy Spirit’s accompanying presence.

This week we learned about dealing with uncertainty and separation anxiety in our counseling session.  The next few weeks will be designed to help with cultural adaptation, expectations and realities.  When it gets right down to packin’, it becomes many choices about what to take and what to leave behind.  What will we really need to carry along or carry on within the limitations of size and weight.  In that; suitcases and hearts are not too much different.  If it is too big for a heart, it needs to be left behind.  If it is too heavy for a heart, it needs to be left behind.  The too-big and the too-heavy things we are placing at the foot of the cross.  Jesus has promised to watch them for us until we return.  The knowledge that they are secure in Him shares hope with our hearts and an eager anticipation to get to the work.

One Response to “Packin’”

  1. Glenna Plummer May 20, 2011 at 3:03 pm #

    How humbling to read your post, if we all would just lay our burdens at the foot of the cross, so many problems would be solved. I have great respect for all you are doing, in God’s name. May God bless you, in all ventures!

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