18 May

It happens all the time.  Seasoned missionaries say that the hardest thing is coming back.  But it used to be home, didn’t it?.  Now what?  Is it the end of the line or just the end of a time.  Was it time; or the right time?  The defining limits of what is home are not the same anymore.  Some places cannot be recaptured.  And some places make other old haunts seemingly un-capturable.  Something changes and that something is usually in a deep place in the heart.  The place you originally said goodbye to…by the inch, is now a purposed reality again…by the yard.  And the letting go of long ago may have hurt enough that the present risk of taking back…it challenges the self protective walls and masks which had been made effectual.

No, relax.  We really are not thinking about coming home even before we leave.  We have, however, started to redefine normal.  Some of that redefinition includes home.  This week, we have been working on setting up a data source dedicated to the emotional/mental health of missionaries in the field for LSM.  The unique stress of serving in a foreign field can exact a toll.  And surprisingly, it affects those coming back home after long-term stays.  Gone one week…in your heart you never left.  Gone one month…it begins to change.  Gone one year…the heart has to relocate.

If you happen to have been a person who has faithfully upheld a missionary on foreign soil and find that they are coming home;  it is not “olly-olly-otts-in-free”.  Re-entry can be like the shuttle with the missing heat deflector tiles a few years back that spread itself over the state of Texas.  While missionaries are gone, AND, when they are coming home your prayers help keep those deflector shields in place and working.  There is hope that is being shared with a heart that is incoming.  It is at that time that there is a heart looking for a way to fit into the foreign field of home.

One Response to “Re-Entry”

  1. Klint Fiechter May 19, 2011 at 8:17 pm #

    Well said!! Praying for you guys!

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