Faithful Friends

16 May

Most of our closest friendships seem to center around those sharing common interests such as:  church activities, children, or hobbies.  We tend to identify most with those in our own similar set of circumstances.  If I am a grandpa, many, but not all of my friends will likely be grandpa’s.  If I am in my late fifties many of my close friends will be over fifty and under seventy.  If, in the future, I tend to brag about the good old days when a jump shot meant playing basketball instead of when my pacemaker kicked in, many of my close friends will identify.  There is a similar context.  Close friends are important.  The sharing of context is one of life’s joys.  But close friendship is not just about sharing joys.  It is about being comfortable enough with context to share faith, hope, love, pain, dreams, anxieties and fears.  One will experience many friendly relationships in life, but one usually does not establish many close friends.

Last night we went through another step in the goodbye process.  Sharing time with a group of close friends.   It becomes another part of our shared memories.  Shared love and mutual respect.  Your faithfulness and support mean so much to us now and in the months ahead when our memories are there to keep us company.  We will wish we listened more and spoke less.  We will wish we had one more time to be together.  We will wish we are still a part of your context even being absent from your presence.  We will wish that the hope shared with hearts has gone both ways – from yours to ours and from ours to yours.  Thank you so much dear faithful friends.

One Response to “Faithful Friends”

  1. Carol Klopfenstein May 17, 2011 at 1:33 am #

    we too enjoyed the evening and will be praying for both of you- hopefully we can see you yet before your final leave- love always, Dennis and Carol

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