Connecting the Dots

12 May

Where was the destination of the next line?  What picture was evident once all the points are connected?  One, two, three.  Where was four…oh there.  Soon, an image started to emerge.  Actually, you had a pretty good guess what it was going to be even before you started.  Sometimes.  But it was still fun.  Usually the pictures had a few preliminary lines that would complement those drawn when the dots were linked.  So lets join some dots with some preliminary lines so we can see the picture.   #1 is poverty.     #2 is survival.     #3 is prostitution.    #4 is HIV/AIDS.

1.   .           .   2.

4.  .            .   3.

Then you come back to #1.  What about #5?  It is in the middle of the drawing?  #5 is orphans.  The drawing is NOT a box…It is a trap.  It is NOT a square…It is a vicious circle.  The image that is forming is NOT a pretty picture…It is human suffering.  #5 are lives that were created to be precious in the eyes of God.  They are lives that were meant to be bringing glory to Him.  But by grace they would be our babies and grandchildren if our conditions were not being blessed through the roof.  “But I would not sell myself.” I used to say.  I have never experienced that kind of need.  I have never watched my child starve.  I have never known desperation.  And neither have you.  We have never lived in their culture.  We are part of an American culture that spends more on dog food than on missions.  Loving Shepherd Ministries is in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to try to connect the dots in a different way, sharing hope with hearts.  Can we make a difference?…only for a few.  But we all have been given much.  And we all have been given a large requirement.

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