What Can I Say

8 May

What can I say.  In its most common usage, it is not a question and therefore is not punctuated with a question mark.  It is a unique phrase that has emerged from our self-absorbed American society.   It usually happens in a scenario similar to this.  Complimentor  says something to complimentee that could be interpreted as a commendation.  “Your hair looks utterly fantastic tonight!”  Complimentee thinks they deserve the praise but in an effort to sound unassuming uses these words in false self-depreciating and mock-sincere humility.  In their head they are thinking, “Wow, the mirror just whispered that in my  ear; it really is a Good Hair Day.  I do look good, not that I want you to think, I think so.”

“What can I say.”  Everyone laughs.

Have you ever really wanted to use the phrase in its uncommon usage.

“What can I say?”  How can I find the words that could help you understand?  Where is the faint ray of adequacy in my vast inadequacy to convey a truth that I desperately wish you could feel with your heart like I feel in mine?  Second usage scenario.  Polite inquisitor queries inquisitee on subject of inquisitee’s intense passion.  Inquisitee begins to respond with a little too much enthusiasm until it is noticed that the inquisitor is already distracted from truly hearing a response.  What can I say?  Inaudible.  Heart words that nobody hears.  No laughter.

God has His way of turning, What-can-I-say. moments and lives into, What-can-I-say? moments and lives.  He takes each of us to a place past ourselves in the pursuit of a unique passion that stirs our hearts and we want to share it with others.  He does not take us all to that same place or at the same time.  We are not always comfortable hearing about somebody else’s journey to their place of passion.  But we test the waters with polite questions hoping for answers that will stir us.  Maybe, not too much.  Yet, we are secretly hoping that the stirring will help us find our own “What-can-I-say?” passions that give our lives meaning and share hope with hearts.

One Response to “What Can I Say”

  1. Carol Klopfenstein May 10, 2011 at 1:27 pm #

    soooo true- we are all at different levels of committment and conviction from the Lord- maybe some of us are not listening as we should- keep praying for us and we continue praying for you- love, Dennis and Carol

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