5 May

Been looking for a new cell phone to take to Ethiopia.  Locked, unlocked.  Jail-broke, 3G networks, 4G networks, GMS, CDMA, smartphone, maybe even dumb phone or at least a phone for dummies.  More than I thought I could process.  Oh, I forgot megapixels.  The phones have cameras, not to mention emails and apps and data plans and….  Back to camera.  Most have 2.0 or 3.2 megapixels (higher is better-usually it means better detail to focus on).  One phone was really out to impress because the manufacturer had packed in a 5.0 mp camera.  Check it out me thinks, and I start looking for the great reviews.  AAWWK  OOOHH.  It seems the manufacturer forgot one thing when I started to read the fine print.  No focus.  Impressive package but…  Missionaries can be like that too.  Here a need, there a need, everywhere a need, need.  Old McDonald needs to specialize or he has bought the farm.

LSM in Ethiopia has a focus.  It is providing hope to trafficked and exploited women with children.  Some of those women have or will have HIV/AIDS.  Some will die at young ages leaving orphaned children who will need Homes of Hope.  This is where God has called us to serve.  Every child needs and deserves a family.  It is God’s fundamental way of evangelizing.  It is how we can be kingdom builders and help these helpless victims to become kingdom building adults.  It is how God has asked us to share hope with hearts.   LSM has a plan, prayer apps, and we are locked into passion.  For orphans.  We are not placing calls but responding to one.  Our network is 4G…for God.  Are you stuck on your I…phone?  Self…is for dummies.

One Response to “Focus”

  1. Aimee Stoller May 5, 2011 at 3:35 pm #

    That is hilarious, Dad! Ha! Love the cell phone lingo at the end. Very good point.

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