Ironman and the Pretzel Monster

30 Apr

“Shusshhhh!  Do you hear anything, Ironman?”  “I don’t fink so,” was Ironman’s whispered response from the murky half-light that ensconced the closet.  The tension cut through the air like the blades of light through the louvers in the bi-fold closet doors.  “How about you Scoop, you hear anything?”  Ironman’s newest trusty sidekick had not yet mastered the art of silent surveillance from the secrecy of closet floor hide aways.  Scoop just squealed, “No!” loudly with the anticipation of the confrontation soon to come.  There was no attempt to whisper.  Pretzel Monster was downstairs in the kitchen and the plan of attack had been well thought out.  ‘Let’s do it again’ was on its third replay.  Creep silently from the darkness of the closet and down the stairs,…stun-ray guns in hand,…sneak into the kitchen.  The element of surprise should offset P.M.’s vast superiority.  Ironman and Scoop were counting on it.  So with banshee screams and stun-rays blasting they burst into the kitchen.  Pretzel did not have a chance but was instantly put to the chase.  And then the very real sound of a car door slamming was heard from the other side of the house.  “Oh no,…Mommy is home lamented Ironman.”  But Scoop instantly ran to the window to check on the new intruder.

Grandpa plus grandsons plus imagination.

Imagination.  When we are children, all of life’s scenarios can have successful outcomes.  The monsters run away and the heroes always win.  Its a welcome respite from life, where monsters sometimes seem victorious and the true Hero is untested by Faith.  From our prayer closets we can sit in silent surveillance or we can go on the offensive.  If there is a Pretzel Monster loose in the kitchen let’s take courage and put him to the chase sharing hope with hearts.

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