Rocky Mountian High

25 Apr

Nope, we are not going to be missionaries in Denver, but he wrote the song.  John that is.  We are going to Colorado though.  Springs that is.  May 23 is the date and we are going there to learn about processing cultural differences with all their expectations and altered realities.  When reality does not meet expectation the difference is called disappointment.  When that is layered in on top of multiple levels of change from an old state of normal at home, to a new state of normal on the mission field, you have the ripe ground for disillusionment.  So often, if we come with a certain amount of idealism, we can find ourselves easy prey to discouragement.  Discouragement becomes burnout.  Burnout becomes broken spirits…on the next flight home.   The training there at MTI is something that has been a benefit to many by the old adage–To be forwarned is to be forearmed.  Discouragements may still come, but knowing they are part of the new normal helps keep everything in perspective.  The program will last for three weeks.  And we may actually get to Denver while we are there…we plan to hitch a ride north with George and Lilly to attend church if at all possible.  Hitchhiking seems like it should fit into the John Denver theme.  George and Lilly live very close to the training center.  Oh, a line from this John Denver song…”he came home to a place he had never been before”…


Somehow,  if we can learn to find home in a place we have never been before, we can find a place to establish God’s foundation for sharing hope with hearts.

One Response to “Rocky Mountian High”

  1. George & Lily Zarkovacki June 11, 2011 at 7:54 am #

    We are so thankful for being able to travel up to Denver together!!

    Good memories!!

    George and Lily

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