What’s next?

22 Apr

Do you remember your very first trip to an amusement park?  You probably thought about the giant roller coaster ride you were going to go on for several days or weeks before the big day.  Lost some sleep the night before with the anticipation.  You listened to the stories told by others of their experiences.  Maybe even saw stop-action photos of riders going over the big hill with their hands in the air.  Then, clack, clickity, clack.  It was you in the front car with your brother or best friend.

iiieeeee…ooohhh….wwhooossh…jerk…bump…pitch forward and stop.  ok, I’ve done that.  What’s next?

If any of you thought that going into missions was like going to an amusement park…something exciting, something new and different, an adventure…?  Sorry to disappoint you with truth.  While there is a small element of each of those, if that was all there was to it then coming back would seem like getting off the roller coaster.  But it is not like that.  There is no adrenalin rush,…no thrill of final victory, because the anticipation-experience-memory equation always ends up equalling…More People Need to Know.

What’s next?   How many roller coaster rides did it take to finally figure out that they are all the same.  The roller coaster designers have created all kinds of alterations to try to keep us thinking that it will be different.  But it comes down to–stomach in your throat for five seconds and fast turns.  The roller coaster designer for missions has a unique experience for each life.  There are ups and downs and fast turns and stomach in your throat times.  They make you cry rather than laugh.  They make you scream…in righteous anger rather than fear.  They jerk you around with unexpected changes in direction and sometimes agonizingly slow speeds.  God knows what’s next but until He is done building His Kingdom, He will continue to invite people to get on the coaster that shares hope with hearts.

One Response to “What’s next?”

  1. Erin Drayer April 22, 2011 at 9:45 pm #

    Allen and Susan,
    You have been on my heart lately as we are finishing up Perspectives. God never wants us to stay where we are does he. He keeps drawing us closer to Him all the time. I am praying for you.

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