Where the Heart Is

21 Apr

Some long ago bard wrote a definition of home and its nostalgic quotation echoes through our minds at holiday times and return from anywhere times.  What happens when our heart starts to live in two places?  Four-word phrases as definitions are not as simple anymore.  If you go somewhere for a week, the heart does not have to move.  Leave your heart where you came from… after all you are going home in a week.  If you go somewhere for a month, things can vary a bit.  And I can imagine that when one goes somewhere for a year at least part of the heart must change residence.  Truth be known, the angst of loneliness is probably directly proportional to just how much of our heart is allowed to accompany us on our journeys.  But when we allow it to come along, we take a risk.  Sometimes part of it does not return when we do.  Thus the quandary!  Are there two homes or two hearts?  Maybe still just one that must learn to function being torn in two.   Anyway, welcome to our world.  Yes, we are glad to be home; but something stayed behind.  The poignant memories of the lives that have touched our hearts are branded indelibly with the searing heat of human need and deprivation.  Yet, the first welcoming embraces by children and grandchildren are heady reminders of the moments we dare not take for granted in the present.  Time…there is never enough of it.  For now our hearts can only function in the present.  Past is for memories, future is for hope.  Faith is for sharing that hope with hearts, even divided ones searching for a working definition of home, across time’s full spectrum.  Amazing, this world is not our home…our hearts struggle to understand it, though.

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