But That Was Yesterday

18 Apr

Yesterday.  It was the period of time before I last fell asleep.  Depending on how long the night; it could be only a couple of hours, in the real sense of time.  There are times when it seems that yesterday was twenty-five days days ago and there are times when twenty-five days seems like they have passed like a night of sleep.  Tomorrow we are flying home and it seems like it was a very short night.  The frenetic pace of our schedule was completely at odds with the laid back culture that is the norm here in Ethiopia.  Our hearts have been ripped open and sewn together again many times.  There are haunting images, and beautiful scenes and memories colliding like the traffic of Meganania Round.  Never ending blue skies and dust.  Beautiful flowers and garbage.  The scent of mango and the scent of raw sewage in an open ditch.  Magnificent architecture of the African Union and shanty-town squalor.  Loving, sharing hearts and its total absence found in child trafficking and prostitution.  The myriad contrasts are a force in shaping ones acceptance of diversity.  If your world has to fit into a box of only one size and one color, Ethiopia will shake you till it hurts.  But, if you can stretch your faith to allow God’s sovereign sway full control of yesterday and tomorrow, loving Him with all your heart today, will share hope with hearts.      

                                                                                                                        Good by for now.

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