First Steps

15 Apr


It is a milestone for our babies.  It usually happens around 12 months.  Give or take.  Sometimes it almost seems like it happens sooner or later based on the experiences that the individual child goes through.  A child that tries, falls and gets hurt is reluctant to try again for a while.  If they get hurt a second time, the fear grows and there is further delay.  Imagine what would happen to a child who gets knocked down and hurt every time they made an attempt… would they eventually content themselves just to crawl.  How long would it take for courage to rise above relentless defeat? 

Sometimes life can become a struggle against relentless defeat.  The knock-downs have robbed us of courage to rise to our feet.  The thought:  Maybe this time I can keep standing and walk…is not allowed enough hope to translate it into another attempt.  That is the starting point for many of the women who enter the rehabilitation program here.  That is the starting point for some of the children on the streets.  Poverty and the relentless defeat of hope pushes street children and street mothers with children into a promiscuous survival mode despite the threat and reality of HIV/AIDS…despite the reality of rape and abuse.  How does the fear of change rise above the fear of those realities and keep these souls trapped.  We, who have always benefited from constant hope renewal, struggle to understand life without it.

These women are taking their first steps.  Learning a new skill of sewing.  A chance to stand in hope that life offers a possibility of not getting knocked back down.  Maybe this time I can stay standing and walk.  Away from the old risks and realities into the new rhelm of reformation.  Courage comes from hope shared with hearts.     

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