13 Apr

Apple or cherry?  We did purchase some apple turnovers from a bakery just down the street from our apartment and they were very tasty.  Cherry is not available here.  Yogurt comes in strawberry.  Jam comes in strawberry, peach or grape.  Cereal comes in corn flakes.  There are two sizes of eggs – the regular size like you are familiar with and a smaller half-size egg for the children whose parents say, “You have to eat your egg all gone before you can leave the table.”   Beef, chicken and lamb–little pork…sorry, pig farmer brothers.  We are growing accustomed to what is available as we have food turnover. 

 Washing machines are very small in capacity so laundry turnover means twice as many loads and double the time.  Laundry detergent is mostly powder and not as heavily scented.  No dryers; but the sun works just as well as it did for our mothers and grandmothers.  It is quite acceptable in the culture here to wear the same shirt or dress several days in a row, even though this argues with the lightly scented laundry detergent.  I imagine fewer washings for clothes means there is less clothing turnover.  Shoes are worn until there are holes in the soles.

The most exciting turnover happened at the counseling  center at the end of last week and this week.  The group of women that had started the program six weeks ago were ready for referral to the organizations that work with the next stage in their rehabilitation.  Twenty-five exit interviews.  Now we are screening applicants for the next group of  twenty-five women.

We saw pictures of another turnover from a missionary here from extreme southern Ethiopia.  A baptism of a new believer in a remote village.  He said that the New Testament in their language will be finished before the end of the year.  He also said that there are five other people groups in that area that he knows of that have not yet heard about Jesus Christ. 

Turnovers like these later ones share hope with hearts. 

Other turnovers like Kristen and Elise going home remind us of those back home we love.  Thanks girls, for being a part of our lives for a week and in our memories forever.

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