12 Apr

Stereotypes.  It’s when you go shopping for a record player and you can’t decide between a Victorola and a Zenith.  “Aah, what’s a record?”  Seriously, we all have them…we tend to lump things together into groups that we think have something in common and are alike.  This  group of young boys (O.K. not the one in the ugly yellow Purdue shirt) have a stereotype…All white people are rich

 We went for a drive on Saturday to the top of Entoto mountain and stopped on the way down at a scenic overlook.  Within 30 seconds these children had appeared from nowhere.  They’re just having fun, right.  Look again at the expressions.  This is serious competition.  In another 30 seconds the group had grown to 10-12.  The little boys thought they were performing for rich white people.  The one who attracted the most attention would get paid-the others would get nothing.    Kevin said, “We need to get back in the van.”  We did before we started handing out six-cent bills through the window, further entrenching their stereotype.  It wasn’t a performance then.  It was a skirmish.  If we would have had coins at least they wouldn’t have been ripped apart in the tussle.  The giving became meaningless. 

So what is your stereotype?…Poverty creates greed…or…WE can fix THEIR problem by giving more.    The biggest and the strongest got the whole bills the rest got nothing—except, getting their stereotype reinforced.  Just a 45 single of what is on the album for our stereotype.  Sharing hope with hearts is more than throwing money out the window(literally), it is about relationships and building new lives that help people help themselves.  This is the hard reality taught by a hard task master…Poverty.  For what its worth,  all of you reading this are rich and blessed…even if you are not white.  The color of our skin…what a stereotype.

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