Childrens Program

10 Apr

 Meti is very active in the children’s program at the counseling center on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning.  Day care services are also available during the week for children of the women enrolled in the programs.  Three of the children are receiving some instruction here.  The little boy looking at the camera has just recently moved to Addis from the countryside with his mother and cannot speak Amharic yet.  It is interesting to watch the other children respond to him.  Sometimes he is included and sometimes he is not.  In hide and seek…yes.  As one of three on a basketball team he was never thrown the ball.  The other boys knew he did not understand the game and they wanted to win.  I can remember it being like that at recess when I was in school too.  It is amazing to see how quick and nimble the children are in playing soccer.  One boy can keep the ball in the air using only his knees and feet for thirty consecutive  kicks.  Part of the Saturday morning time is devoted to tutoring.  Math in particular.  Kevin dusted off some functions graphing and I helped with some geometry.  There were two boys around 13 who seemed like students who really had a desire to excell in education.  Yesterday all the children who came received backpacks, pencils and notepads, and a toothbush and toothpaste.  But the thing they were most proud of was that they got to take it all home in a new backpack.  They took many pictures of each other with Kristen and Elise’s cameras.  It was a great way to end the week sharing hope with hearts.

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