“I am Pretty!”

8 Apr

First of all, I am not the speaker here.  Some people can say that about themselves, others maybe wish they could and know better.  There may even be some who would like to purchase a lying mirror like the one in the story book.  The mirror I bought a few years back…broke.  Those are the words we heard last night.  Inay Konjo neng.  They are words that are haunting my heart.  The speaker was a little girl, maybe 12 at most.  She was standing outside our van while we were parked near the bus terminal.  That is the area where a lot of the street children exist.  I can not say live.  It just does not fit.  If you would have seen the conditions we saw last night you would not say they are living there either.  Just existing.  Betty and Zenebe were walking the streets handing out invitations to the LSM counseling center.  The rest of us were praying in the van.  She walked past the van and then turned back when she noticed who was in the van.  She teased in the manner of her profession.  Like she had been taught by her role models.  She just wanted to “earn” enough to eat.  She really was pretty…for now.  She probably thought it was a blessing.  Not really.  Actually, not at all.  You don’t want to know the details of what her “future” holds.  If she could have “been born in another place and time”, what would her life have been?  A teacher?  A nurse or doctor?  Maybe a dentist.  Without the work of organizations like LSM she will likely not be alive past twenty.  Maybe not even 15.  Her present choices are limited to starvation or AIDS.  For now, at thirteen, she gets to have hope in, “I am pretty!”  LSM wants to share the hope in her heart that there is another kind of pretty, another option for her life, another outcome with eternal benefits.  You know what I am really struggling with…What did I do to deserve not having the same choices when I was 12?

3 Responses to ““I am Pretty!””

  1. Aimee April 8, 2011 at 8:12 pm #

    I don’t even have words after such a description of a precious child who’s circumstances are so horrid. Something wells up and aches inside of me… ABBA remember the orphans, poor and widows! Uphold their cause, Lord! Save those who are in need and forgive us who have too much. In JESUS name.

  2. Sarah F. April 8, 2011 at 9:26 pm #

    Oh, wow. This is eye-opening. Thank you for sharing….

  3. Shari F. April 9, 2011 at 9:11 pm #

    My mind can just hardly fathom what you witnessed. May our hearts break over the things that break the heart of our Father. Thanks for taking us along on your journey via this website!

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