Entering the Gate

7 Apr

Almost all of the properties here in Ethiopia are surrounded by high walls, most with razor wire coiled on top to discourage anyone who is not supposed to be inside from coming in.  All have gates which can be opened by the gate-keeper either for a person to walk in or for a car to drive in.  This is the gate that the street mothers must pass through to get inside the Counseling and Resource Center compound. 

This is the scene from two steps on the other side of the gate…on the street.  The equivalent of a strip mall.  Each souk (shop) sells a very specialized item.  One bread, one eggs, another flour, and yet another vegetables.

It sort of brings into focus the meaning in the scripture of finding the narrow gate that leads unto eternal life.  If we are walking in the world it is sometimes hard to envision the peace and beauty of what is inside the gate.  For the street mothers it is hard to envision a life being lived not on this street… but, inside the gate.  Change is hard for us all as we grow accustomed  to our surroundings.  From the squalor of sin outside the gate to the tranquility possible in our hearts inside the kingdom.  It should not be so difficult.  Faith, hope and love.  Change requires faith to believe, that which we are going toward, really is better than, where we are coming from.  Sharing hope with hearts and the love of Jesus Christ helps give courage to enter the gate.  The reality from God’s viewpoint: we all really start-on the street.

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