Shepherd’s Staff

6 Apr

Can you remember a picture of Jesus holding a lamb on His lap, sitting on a rock, a long cane shape wooden stick at His side with other sheep resting peacefully all around?  Am I imagining this pastoral scene or was it on a fan in the church pews before air conditioning?  The long stick with the crook at the end was His tool for rescuing endangered sheep-His staff.  So how did a group of people working together for a common purpose get to be called a staff?  Teachers at a school…teaching staff…we have janitorial staff, coaching staff, administrative staff and counseling staff there also.  They are instruments of rescue—from the dangers of illiteracy.  Well here in this picture you have our instrument of rescue, our Loving Shepherd’s staff in Ethiopia.  No, not sheep being rescued from danger,  people-street children and street mothers-prostitutes all trying desperately to avoid perishing from the ravages of poverty.  In the ugly world of AIDS and exploitation these endangered victims are the recipients of the sharing of hope with hearts from this group of people working together with a common purpose.  Each with a heart t o share Jesus Christ AND compassion.  “Only an instrument ready…”  From left to right: Betty, Paulos, Zenebe, Hilina, Meti, Erica and Kevin…all wonderful people with a heart for rescuing the helpless.  The Shepherd has another tool to care for His sheep.

One Response to “Shepherd’s Staff”

  1. Andy April 6, 2011 at 3:15 pm #

    May God continue to bless the team’s efforts! Praying for you and Mom!

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