Company Coming

4 Apr

Kristen and Elise will be coming soon.  Visitors from home generate a lot of excitement.  Familiar faces and the family ties they represent from home feel to our hearts like a rich chocolate dessert would feel to our tongues.  Sweet, from the memories of past experiences shared with those whose lives they represent.  Smooth, from the anticipation of experience still to be shared in the future.  The girls will bring with them a link that shortens the distance back to all that was familiar about yesterday in our minds.  We look forward to sharing the new experiences that will embrace them while they are here.  And when they take these experiences home to you they will bring a little of us to you just as they bring a little of you to us.  Somehow in the traveling and sharing the world seems a bit smaller.  People seem a little more important.  Old and new relationships come to matter.  They will be here a week.  As many of you know from sharing a week on a one week mission trip with those you knew but didn’t really know, a new relationship and bond forms.  We will welcome them to Ethiopia and into our hearts in the sharing of a special time.  Now it is anticipation, and then too soon it will be a memory, but in between it will be the experiences and the sharing that change the way we relate to each other from now on.  We will have some, “Do you remember when…?” moments to share just like the do-you remember-whens we could share with some of you.  Those are the memories that share hope with hearts.

One Response to “Company Coming”

  1. Sarah F. April 5, 2011 at 4:14 am #

    Another beautiful post – thanks!

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