Crossing to the Other Side of the Road

31 Mar

Have you ever been a Levite?  You know.  It happens when you look ahead in the journey you are traveling and you see a confrontation ahead which you would just rather not deal with.  So you cross to the other side of the road.  Then you can pretend you were not aware.  There are various justifications.  I have thought of them all on various occasions—and sometimes used them.  Shame on me!  “I don’t have the time.”  That one was my favorite.  But, “It’s not my problem, I don’t have to get involved,” that one was up there at the top also. 

 He wasn’t dirty, bloody and naked-well not like the character in the parable, not bloody and naked anyway.  He was perched on the curb up ahead as our taxi stopped for a light.  My window was rolled up as we came to a stop.  The man did not get up…em upright…he swung his arms out and walked on his hands dragging his legs behind him at an awkward angle.  As he passed each car, I found myself wishing the light would turn green before he arrived at my window.  I even tried not to look.  Are you crossing to the other side of the road, Levite?   That was the prompting that slapped my heart?  When he got to my window it was rolled down and I handed him a one Ethiopian birr bill.  He smiled a grungy, half-toothless smile saying over and over, “God bless you!  God bless you!”  Such gratitude for a one spot.  Less you be impressed with my generosity…one birr equals six cents.  Bringing a lot of joy cost me six cents.  And I had wished it away.  When we resist being a Levite and stay on our side of the road with a heart for people, we really do share hope with hearts.

One Response to “Crossing to the Other Side of the Road”

  1. Sarah F. March 31, 2011 at 9:22 pm #

    LOVE this post. Thank you!

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