Ethiopian Hospitality

30 Mar

Koh-joh-noh.  Delicious.  When you ask someone to come over for supper you usually do not serve peanut butter and jelly.  You search through your cooking repertoire of things you know how to make well, or you search through your collection of cookbooks for things others know how to make well…a little riskier.  It’s nice to hear at the end of the meal, “That was delicious!” “Koh-joh-noh.”

We were the guests at the home of Tsion and Eschetu for supper.  What a spread.  Eight different entrées! –from meat to vegetables, potatoes, two kinds to rice and a pasta casserole.  And of course, injera.  Macchiato for dessert.  Koh-joh-noh!  Our hosts spoke very good English.  Tsion is a former teacher and now the mother of Yerusalem, Moses, Joseph, Daniel, Abigail, Henok, and Hannah.  Eschetu is retired from his profession.  The children range from twelve down to seven—Hannah is the youngest.  Tsion and Eschetu have three married children and grandchildren but they chose to refill their empty nest.  The adults ate separately from the children but after the meal we went out to the homework room to meet the children.  They had such big happy smiles and were all so proud of their homework papers.

We asked Tsion and Eschetu if we could be their children, too.  Tsion said, “Oh no.” with a quizzical smile.  After a short pause she said, “You are our brother and sister.”  Such gracious hospitality shares hope with hearts.  By the way, they also said that it is not uncommon in Ethiopia for friends to come and stay overnight—for a month or two.

One Response to “Ethiopian Hospitality”

  1. Lori Reimschisel April 1, 2011 at 5:27 am #

    Allen & Susan,
    Just wanted you to know that you are remembered in prayer. I should be studying my Perspectives and am reading your blog instead. 🙂 Thanks for putting the time into blogging. I know it takes time out of your already busy days but it is so good to know your specific needs to pray for.
    Love and Blessings,

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