25 Mar

Do you find changes exhilarating and exciting?  Some do not.  Some prefer to have life served up as a steady constant flow of vanilla.  For them change is a bad word.  It means stress  and risk.  We have been here in Addis for 24 hours.  Addis Ababa, Ethiopia is not Bluffton, Indiana.  It is a change in culture, people, sights, sounds and smells.  It is exciting.  I went for a walk this morning after a good night of rest catching up from 48 hours without sleep.  I walked past a school; it was surrounded by walls.  Inside I could hear the children playing at recess.  They sounded happy in their play just like you would hear at your local school.  No change here.  In the two-mile walk, I passed five beggars sitting along the street with handkerchiefs stretched out in front of them and a few coins dispersed.  An Ethiopian man walking in front of me stopped at one and put down a coin, picked up a smaller one and walked away.  He did not stop at the next handkerchief.  How did he decide on which one to show mercy?  How do I?  Big change here–in the face of such dramatic need and poverty, how do I decide where and who should be the benefactor of my mercy.  I cannot, even should not help them all.  But I cannot steel-plate my heart to justify helping none.  When God looked down and saw the poverty of men’s souls, He did not throw up His hands and decide on doing nothing.  How did He decide on who would become the eternal benefactor of His mercy?  He gave a gift that could be accepted or rejected in a free will choice by the potential recipient.  We are all just beggars on the street with our lives laid out on  little handkerchiefs and our works-the small change.  God has or will stop by each, giving something and taking something back but leaving each of us with knowledge of being visited by His mercy.  At each stop He is sharing hope with hearts in the gift of His Son Jesus Christ.

One Response to “Changes”

  1. Sue Yergler March 25, 2011 at 3:58 pm #

    So glad you made it safely. This article just touched my heart and soul. It is so true about who do we pick? So thankful GOd picked us and wants to pick everyone if they come to Him on their own free will.

    Prayers will be with you and Susan. I leave on April 8th for Haiti for 9 days. Please pray for our team also! God’s blessings! Sue :0)

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