Next time, Over There

20 Mar

Anybody out there remember Peter, Paul and Mary.  Well,  not the apostles and Jesus’ mother-the singing group from the ’60s.  I still have some of those old lyrics roaming around in my head from the school bus days.  Their song was Leavin’ on a Jet Plane.  “All (our) bags are packed, and (we’re) ready to go.  (We’re) standin’ here outside your door.  Hate to wake you up to say good-bye.  The dawn is breaking…”, and on with the  first verse.  I do hate to say good-bye and I do believe the dawn is breaking and a new day is starting.  Not only for us, but for many of you who are embarking into passionate service as well, whether locally or one week trips.  For some, even longer stints of committment.  If  you are still sleeping, I think I hear your alarm clock ringing or maybe its the doorbell.  Anyway, our bags are packed and tomorrow starts the good-byes.  With family, with church, with you all reading this blog.  It’s only for a month this time but yet the enormity of the changes having taken place makes it seem more indefinite.  We are so thankful for the changes God has worked out in our lives and for the opportunity He has orchestrated in the future.  “God is ever present, let us now adore him and in reverence bow before him.”  Those lyrics were not from Peter, Paul and Mary–just in case you were wondering.  Maybe you are already in your Ethiopia.  Praise God.  Ours is waiting after a 15 hour ride on a jet plane.  Lord willing the next post will come from over there.  Your prayers are sharing hope with (our) hearts.  By the way, I never did figure out the lyrics to Louie,  Louie;  but all we had back then were 45 rpm’s.


One Response to “Next time, Over There”

  1. Amy Meyer March 20, 2011 at 4:54 am #

    The Meyer family will be praying for you 🙂 Give Kevin and Erica a big hello from us!!

    Kole and Amy

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