Lets Do Lunch

19 Mar

Usually when we say this to someone or when we hear it from someone, there are two intentions being communicated.  Eating and talking.  If it is a friend, we look forward to the talking part.  If it is a business person, being honest, sometimes we tolerate the talking part in hopes of the eating part being on them.  Unless we really want what they are pushing.  So sense we are here together, (I’m munching on an apple-what are you having) lets talk.  If you have not ever looked at the map link of this sight,  keep checking as the future unfolds.  It is a Google Maps/My maps link and if I do it right…and there is rational cause for concern there…I will be able to post some pictures of some of the places of importance in the LSM ministry in Addis Ababa.  The primary purpose of this blog is to keep you informed of what is happening in our lives and what to pray for, so the prayer requests area will be edited and updated also.  If you have suggestions for what to include on the blog, send it in an email or in the comments.  If you think one of your friends would like to join us, bring them along next time.  If this were an authentic Ethiopian lunch at a hotel or restaurant, we would be gathered around a common serving (pictured above), tearing off pieces of flat sourdough bread called injera and dipping it into the different entree’s.  If this were an authentic Ethiopian lunch dining like the street children of Addis, we would be gathered around the dumpster behind the hotel or restaurant.  I’ll get the bill today, can you take care of the tip.  Sharing hope with hearts.

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