Someone We Love…

18 Mar

Someone we love became a mother and father.  Talk about more candles on the cake.  They are our youngest and now they are parents.  I was holding Eden at the hospital and Daddy was taking pictures.  In a flash the intervening years collapsed and I was holding the picture taker-remembering the emotion of that day.  The highs and lows of the birth experience.  From delivery pains-“And just why did we want to do this?”-to first sight-“Is he alright, doctor, he’s all grey and smeary, he’s not breathing yet, is everything normal…”.  Elapsed time–one second that seemed like five minutes.  Flooding in, washing away all the anxieties, came this tsunami of love as the nurse placed a bundle in my arms and his searching eyes made contact with mine.  Love intensely unique and uniquely powerful.  Followed by the second wave–of responsibility.  A soul entrusted to our care.  Knowing for sure what we had only guessed at for the proceeding nine months-life would never be the same.  “Can we do this?…”Will we make mistakes?”…”Will he turn out OK?”  I looked up from my new granddaughter to my son now a father and at Mommy smiling a worn out smile in the hospital bed and knew the answers to all of these same questions currently circling in their own minds was, “Yes!”  I smiled at Eden in this present moment in my arms, choking back some tears, I watched her trying to find her tongue with her hands.  The tsunami had struck again and here also was someone we love–beautiful, pure, innocent, precious, perfect.  In that moment I felt a Heavenly Father sharing hope with hearts.

One Response to “Someone We Love…”

  1. Amy Meyer March 18, 2011 at 4:42 am #

    What a BEAUTIFUL little girl! Congratulations to your whole family!

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