Thoughts for Sons and Daughters

16 Mar

We are on the threshold of a new experience. All of us. And it gives us a peace to know you are willing to go there with us in your hearts. There are times when we think it unfair to ask you to make this sacrifice of separation along with us. We have been able to observe from each of your strengths–characteristics that will be points of emulation where we are going: keep it light, diligent duty, steady unshaken perseverance, faithful confidence, creative spark, and passionate loyalty in balance with exploring new horizons. We can only humbly trust that there are points of emulation from our strengths you will keep close to your hearts where you are now staying. There is a passion to pursue God we take with us and leave behind that will be our spiritual legacy. You know that we love God with all our soul, mind and strength so even if our love for you is just a little lower than that it will be alright. And it is right. You too can trust God in your passion for Him and in His leading of your lives. The ministry God has for you to bless His Kingdom may still seem to be around a foggy corner or it may be so visible that it is scary. We know He is an omnipotent God and it is our confidence that you know it too. That faith in you all and that faith in God’s loving provision for you all is sharing hope with our hearts. We love you, but when the times come when that is not enough–God will supply all the rest.

One Response to “Thoughts for Sons and Daughters”

  1. Andy March 16, 2011 at 5:53 am #

    Thanks for the encouragement, Dad!

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