“A Beautiful Life”

15 Mar

How does our hymn lyrics go…”Each day I’ll do a golden deed, by helping those who are in need.”?  Isn’t  that what we sing?  The time is surely past when, to be truthful,  we would have had to sing, “Each day I’ll do a golden deed, by helping those of the same creed.”   Our hearts changed.  Ignorance was consumed and the default of our culture’s fear of differences has come into the light.   Somewhere close to the end of the hymn comes the phrase, “I’ll try to change the night to day…”  The entrance of light dispels darkness.  The entrance of good dispels evil.  The entrance of the kingdom of God dispels the Prince of the power of the air.  Darkness is the default for illumination.  Any change in ambiance requires energy released.  Something is consumed.  Burning coal becomes candlepower.  Good works accomplished for the Kingdom of God are not the default.  When they occur it is because helping happened via sacrifice.  Something is consumed in the exchange.  Personal resources, time, or preferences.  We should exhort each other that the risk and cost of the sacrifice is worth the heavenly rewards.  Sharing this truth to encourage helping hands across cultures and ethnicity can/is making a difference.  This Ethiopian girl deserves the knowledge of an eternal hope to no lesser degree than our daughters and granddaughters.  That knowledge of eternal hope can become a beautiful life.   We each can offer helping hands in a myriad of ways sharing hope with hearts.  We should expect a cost-a willingness to be consumed.

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