Head ’em Up, Move ’em Out

12 Mar

So you’re not old enough to remember Rowdy Yates, Gil Favor and Wishbone.  And then again you may have seen some Rawhide reruns at some point in your life when you were bored enough to watch old westerns.  These were the words of the theme song right after, “Keep those doaggies rollin’.” or something like that.  Anyway the show gave Clint Eastwood his start back in ’66.   The “move ’em out” and the “doaggies” referred to cattle being herded north on a cattle drive.  But really the show was about the men and not the cows.  Moving out, to them was quick and easy.  Grab your hat and gun, throw everything you own in a saddle bag, and climb on your horse. 

It is a little more complicated nowadays.  Uh, a lot more complicated.  Lots of stuff.  Tomorrow is the big day…moving out that is, but it seems different this time for us.  You would think we would have gotten better at it by now.  And we have.  We’ve had some practice.  So what has changed.  Hopefully, our hearts.  It does not sound very humble to say it like that, and if we were taking the credit, it wouldn’t be.  But we are not-God gets the credit.  The more we have given away and have gotten rid of, the more freedom there has been to not hold onto what remains.  There simply are not many “treasures” in the saddle bag any more.  “Where your treasure is,…” has taken on a different meaning.  Where is our heart?  God is faithful to His word.  We are finding that the trick has always been our obedience.

Think I might wear my cowboy hat while we are moving.  Don’t have a gun.  Think I’ll throw the big “Tupperware” tote box on the back of old “Edge”(as in Ford) and mount up.  They’re sayin’ the move up yonder is the easiest…you pack nothin’ for that one.  Reckin, that sounds like we need to be a sharin’ hope with hearts.  Rowdy, “Make my day!”…if you are not ready for that last “move ’em out”.

One Response to “Head ’em Up, Move ’em Out”

  1. Jarod Studabaker March 14, 2011 at 1:56 am #

    This is whitty Alan, I like it. Keep those doaggies rollin, for the passion!

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