Out with the Old

9 Mar

34 years goes by one day at a time.  As accumulated time at work, when it’s all done, it is called a career.  When those days are passing they do not seem to be rushing by, but wishing-for-Friday Mondays roll around and around and all of a sudden you are going to work for your last day.  So, am I wishing for another Monday in dentistry or am I elated that another Monday as a dentist will not happen?  Amazing as it might sound-neither.  I thank God for the blessings He has provided through success.  But the Holy Spirit has never allowed me to define myself by my profession even when I tried to make it happen.  I am totally excited to move into this  new arena of service.  I am at peace with the service I have given.  Not always with pure and altruistic motives.  34 years is plenty of time to learn about one’s weaknesses.  And I did.  Sometimes painfully.  The lessons always provided opportunities to acquire more humility, wisdom and experience.

But now, it seems that I am on the front porch of a new home rather than on the back porch of an old one.  The door is opening in front of me not closing behind.  That door is LSM and Addis Ababa.  Will there be more lessons to learn?  More humility, wisdom and experience to gain?  I hope so.  I know so.  I also hope that as I enter this second profession, I can take the best lessons from the old and use them as a starting point.  Best lesson–selfless service to others first, for the joy of it.  For Glory to God.   People are more important than accomplishment.  The greatest success and sense of fulfillment is not measured with a dollar sign in front.  Wow!  I wonder what the last 34 years would have looked like if I had started there,…then.  It is possible–somebody reading this has…or will.  Sharing hope with hearts.

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