Setting up the Blog

7 Mar

This has been a great technical growing experience!  Believe it, we have a long way to go with a list that includes texting, sim cards for cell phones and upgrades of everything from computers to Geritol Super.   Many thanks to Andy and Jenna for helping set up this blog.  While it is still in progress we will begin posting experiences from our time of training and transition.  We have just begun this journey and sense it has been God inspired we are trusting that it will be God powered.  Your prayers are a necessary foundation so stay tuned in to know how to be effective in your prayer support.  We will be doing on site mission specific training with Kevin and Erica Kipfer from March 23 through April 20.  Then comes cross cultural missionary training in Colorado Springs from May 23 through June 10.  Finally, at the end of July we will be departing to stay in Addis Ababa.  We have already begun our study of Amharic, the national language.  Initially we thought it looked like chicken tracts but now we think it looks like chicken tracks.  So prayer number one–Help the old dogs learn some new tongue tricks.

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